Sunday, September 22, 2013

Success, The Path of Least Resistance

All right, perhaps the title is a bit misleading – since when is success the path of least resistance? The more appropriate title is Work as Hard as You Can Until Success Is The Path of Least Resistance.

As human beings we can easily become comfortable with our current state after we reach a certain amount of success, with our new found success we may reset our high-expectations and subsequently become happy with what we have. If you take that to the logical conclusion you might become so comfortable that you stop looking for challenges and limit your growth.

Comfortable isn’t always good for us – think about how our muscles get stronger. Our muscles must be stressed, properly nourished, rested and they will grow. Why would the same not apply to the goals we set for ourselves?

Early on in my career I would take opportunities that didn’t necessarily give me the most comfort but rather ones that challenged me. If I found myself in a position where I wasn’t challenged I instinctively looked for ways to continue my growth. Being placed in stressful situations caused me to work differently.

Instead of being overcome by the situation I would set aside time in the evenings, mornings or anytime to develop the skills I needed to improve my position. I worked harder and subsequently smarter when put in positions that weren’t always easy. I had to develop a good work ethic and look for ways to always challenge myself, a habit that I continue to this day.

The next time you are faced with work that is hard or challenging do not immediately shy away from it, but rather consider how the hard work might challenge you and help you grow. It can light a proverbial fire under you, giving you the motivation you need to grow past your current situation, forcing you to work harder until success becomes the path of least resistance.

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