Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kevin Clarke, Visionary & Risk Taker Extraordinaire

Twitter is great! You can meet new people, network, provide entertainment and be entertained all in one place! While trolling through some of my new followers, I ran across a profile that caught my eye. It was that of Kevin Clarke. I read his profile and noticed a link to his website. Curiously, I clicked on his link, and found a video he posted on his website. I watched the video and was intrigued.

In the clip Kevin laid out his vision, goals & strategy to his success. I decided to dissect his video and highlight some of his key takeaways.

1)    Vision. Mr. Clarke states that he knew he wasn’t interested in working for anyone else. His vision of who he wanted to be was not in alignment with his current situation. This vision drove him to pursue his passion and achieve his dream of being successful and working for himself.
2)    Goals. Kevin set goals that were in alignment with his vision, goals that included both qualitative & quantitative properties.
3)    Strategy: To begin with, Mr. Clarke was not sure how he was going to accomplish his new goals. But that didn’t stop him, he found a mentor whom he was able to model his activities after.
4)    Objectives. Notably, Mr. Clarke wasn’t going to settle for failure, he set his standards high and worked toward his goal step by step.
5)    Initiative Mr. Clarke doesn’t go into full detail about how he accomplished his goals, but from the number of twitter followers and descriptions of this business model it is quite apparent that he is on his way to realizing his vision.

People who go after their goals and achieve success fascinate me. Mr. Clarke is an example of someone who had a current state that was not in alignment with his vision of who and what he wanted to become. He came up with a step-by-step plan and the strategy to complete each step in order to realize his ultimate vision of himself.

Congratulations in achieving your vision Kevin!
Kevin Clarke Can be found at @socialiconmedia

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