Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mr. Money, How to Leave the Past Begin You

There is no question that your past can influence your life. The way you were raised or not raised will shape you to one degree or another. The key to dealing with that upbringing is to minimalize the negative impacts your upbringing will have on your life.

One such example was Mr. Money; you see Mr. Money is not a title but the name of a gentleman I once met. You might say what parent would ever name their child Money? Did the parent have some sort of vendetta against children, did they feel that this would be how they repay the burden they got saddle with.

In Fact Mr. Money was not born with the name Money at all. He was born under a different name, the name his father gave him. Mr. Money never went into much detail on the name change but the gist of the story was that he changed his name to escape the wrath of his father. You see Mr. Money was running from the abusive father, one way he chose to do that was to create a new identify after something he admired & like. That thing he liked was money.

It doesn’t matter the circumstances you are born into, you can always rise above and become the “you” that YOU want to become! Just like Mr. Money, who is now a very successful business owner.

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