Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 Steps to Plan for Success

You don’t just ‘become’ successful. Here are five steps to help you plan for success:
How many people do you hear about going to bed one night, who are unsuccessful in life, and wake up an overnight success? With the exception of picking a winning lottery ticket, that kind of success just doesn’t happen to most of us. If you ask those who appear to be overnight successes how they did it? Well to you they are over night success, in reality they spent a huge portion of their life planning for the moment of success!

1)     Develop Your Vision: Create a vision for the success you are dreaming of. The vision is the high-level 30-second description of your success. Keep it abstract, simple & to the point.

2)     Develop your Goals: To accomplish your vision you will need to have precise qualitative & quantitative goals. These goals as they are accomplished should lead you closer and closer to the vision defined above.

3)     Develop the Strategies: Many worthwhile goals are difficult to accomplish, that’s were we can use strategies to accomplish those goals. These strategies should drive the activities you should be focusing on a daily, weekly monthly basis to help you reach your goals.

4)     Measure Your Progress: Setting goals is easy to do, to be successful we need to take the goals setting one step farther. You need to be accountable for achieving your goals. Set and create milestones that you can use to measure your performance against the desired goals.

5)     Adapt to Change: Life Happens, your values and priorities will evolve over time. Your success plan does not have to be static. Re-visit the plan often and don’t be afraid to adjust it based on life. 
By using these five simple steps you can create a plan to help you focus on the activities that are going to give you the greatest chance of planning your way to success.

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