Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here are 5 Key Principles for picking a strategic presidential candidate, Obama vs. Romney

On November 6th the Nation will go into the polling booths and cast their votes for the highest leadership position in the United States. Voters will find that it’s easy to get caught up in the emotion. The smart voter will not cast votes based solely on emotion, rather they will cast their vote for a leader who has a solid plan for America.

Here are 5 Key Principles for picking a strategic presidential candidate.

Key Principle #1 – During the Presidential & Vice-President debates you may have heard candidates mention their vision for America. A vision is synonymous with a dream. A vision is the future state and should have goals and objectives to support it. What are the candidate’s goals and objectives?

Key Principle #2 – Both candidates are eloquent speakers. Speaking about a dream and accomplishing a dream are two different things. There are many ways to accomplish goals that make up a dream. How you accomplish the goals are the strategies. What are the strategies the candidate is proposing to meet the goals?

Key Principle #3 – A vision is future state, it’s not possible to realize the future state in one fell swoop. Without a step-by-step plan a candidate with a vision, goals & strategy for America is useless. There is a logical order goals need to be accomplished. What are the steps the candidate is proposing to solve first, second, third and so on?

Key Principle #4 – The presidential candidate may have a great vision for the country & solid plan. But getting to that future vision takes more than just plans. It’s going to take a team, including perhaps the whole country, aligning to the vision & working towards the vision. Who are the candidate’s key team members and do they align to the vision?

Key Principle #5 – Wars, natural disasters and other unplanned events will happen. Even the best plans need some attention from time-to-time. Strategies can stop working, goals can change, and the vision might need altering. The presidential candidate must be able to adapt to change & be ready to alter the plan. Are the candidate & his team able to adapt to change?

Before entering the poll booth or sending in your absentee ballot, take a deep breath – put the emotions aside and assess the candidates’ plan based on the 5 key principles. Make an educated decision, keep a level head, and think logically through the candidates’ whole plan and his ability to execute it.

You may do the assessment & still vote for your emotional candidate, but wouldn’t you feel better about your decision.

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