Sunday, February 3, 2013

Think Strategically and Act Tactically, 3 Points

think strategically, businesswomanYou may have heard the expression that to get ahead you should “Think Strategically and Act Tactically”. I have heard many people say it, but their activities and actions all show me otherwise.

Let’s do some reflection on what the saying means, then take ownership of the expression and really start applying the three points to your actions.

Point #1 – Think Strategically and Act Tactically are not mutually exclusive, and by no means serial. It’s easy for us to get wrapped up in activities that won’t benefit us. If you do this you already started the act tactical – it’s okay to use your strategic brain to halt the activity and align your activities.

Point #2 – When doing activities the thinking & acting should be involuntary and iterative. This means that during an activity you might think a little then act some, then think some more. This process should be involuntary.

Point #3 – When thinking about activities you are involved with ask yourself if the activity aligns to your core. If not, who cares? If you are thinking strategically you’re going to realize a vision that might not be your own. I will caveat that by saying there are always problems that are means to an end & must be solved regardless of the alignment.

If you are going to become a strategic thinker you need to embody strategy and be able to act on it. It isn’t something that you just do when things aren’t going your way or when you really want something. Embodiment means that strategic & tactical thinking is involuntary and a part of you. The next time you evaluate an activity you should have already considered the key points. If you do so, you are a strategic thinker.

“Think Strategically & Act Tactically”: it will take practice but is doable and can help you get ahead.

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  1. John - great post! This was right on time and sorely needed... I was just thinking that I need to decrease my "activity" and increase my intentions. You are right on point with this article - thank you for sharing!


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