Saturday, February 23, 2013

Life is Full of Limitations You Can Control The Mental Ones

Life is full of limitations. Go beyond them.

Lets face it: life is full of limitations. This is most evident in all the laws restricting what you can and cannot do.

Societies do a great job documenting and enforcing all these nuances. This socialization starts from a very early age. Children are born without fear; they are curious and have a can-do attitude, even though we know they can’t. Children are notorious for getting into trouble, taking too many risks, risks that could get them hurt. Over time the child learns all the things they can’t do, they get to a point where they need to ask permission for everything. At that point we consider them socialized and good citizens.

Consider that many of our limitations were put on us as children; the limitations are the result of mental conditioning, and the early conditioning affects decisions you make in your lives. These limitations we have carried with us into our adult lives. In situations such as ethics and morality it can be a benefit – I do not want to imagine an uncivilized society. But you should not apply the same reasoning to everything you do. If you do, you will miss out on key opportunities in life. If you don’t take risks you will never take the appropriate risks that are required to help you realize the vision you have for yourself.

In life and business you will find limitations are mostly mental. You have the ability to control those limitations. You can control them by creating a strategic plan based on your strengths and the vision of what you want to accomplish. A plan that details the strategy and calculated risks you must take to realize the vision. If you had all the steps you needed to realize the vision and help you accomplish your dreams, would that not give you the confidence to execute on that plan?

Assuming your limitations are mental you can control them with a strategic plan, and when you control the mental limitations anything is possible.

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