Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keeping Motivated as You Work Towards Your Goals

Anyone can plan, in many cases planning is the easy part, but creating a plan and sticking to that plan is the difference between those who accomplish their goals & those who don’t. It takes more than a plan it takes motivation, motivation can help you continue to work towards and ultimately accomplish your goals.

Here are 5 ways to help keep you motivated while working towards your goals.
  1.  Pick something of interest – You can be successful in many areas, so you may as well choose an area of interest. Accomplishing your goal is going to take hard work, dedication and more importantly your time. If you find yourself having a hard time concentrating or find your mind drifting off to other topics perhaps you should rethink your choice. Picking something of interest is going to help increase the chance that you will spend the time working on them.
  2. Find something you are good at –There are always subjects you find interesting but stand little chance that you will ever accomplish goals in that area of interest. If you’re good at a skill, that should give you a competitive advantage over others who aren’t as skilled. Focus on the areas that you are good at.
  3. Develop a clear vision – Wanting to do something and being good at it will only get you so far. If you have the attitude, like as I am good, someone will find my talent, this is the beginning of delusion. You should write down the qualitative and quantitative objectives or goals that you want to accomplish. Once you’ve got those objectives think about which ones make sense to accomplish first, second and so on.
  4. Learn from your mistakes – We make mistakes for a reason, the reason is to learn from them, those who take risks, make mistakes and learn from them stand a better chance of not making them again and are one step closer to finding the solution. Not only must you take risk but you must learn from your mistakes, and it doesn’t have to be mistakes you have personally made, but it can be mistakes that others have made – seek those who have succeeded in learning from their mistakes.
  5. Constant reminders – Even the best plans can be altered by life events. When life happens you find that it’s easy to put off your goals. You put off success one more day, one more year one more lifetime. How many of those “one more days” can you afford to risk? We all need reminders to help keep us on track, reminders could be a friend with similar interests, coach or other means. You must constantly keep yourself thinking about the goals you have set.
At the end of the day if success were easy then everyone would be successful, but what would the value of that success be? Becoming a success and accomplishing your goals means that you accomplished what only the top few could have even imagine. Accomplishing your goals means that you where motivated enough to continue working towards your goals.

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