Saturday, December 8, 2012

Examine Those Who Have Found Success to Be a Success

Your whole life you have had big dreams. You’ve imagined what your success will look and feel like. You have been hoping for that big break to come, but it just hasn’t happened. This is the break that will get you to the next level. You’ve got the drive; you’ve prepared; now you need the opportunity to show your stuff.

One of the secrets, of those who are able to achieve success, is to examine those who have found success. Learn how they did what they did. Many times the strategies they used for success are reusable.

I’ll give you an example: writing a book. I know there are many people who wish to add writing a book to their resumes, but it can seem daunting, a lot of work and they don’t know where to start.

My first step to becoming an author was to commit to the goal. Once I had committed to the goal the second step was pretty simple. I sat down and wrote. I wrote a single sentence; then I added to that. At times I would sit down and have no idea what to write about. But guess what: that was OK because I dedicated time to writing. I knew that if I didn’t get anything written that day, I would have more time the next day.

My writing time was one hour before work started. I developed a routine; each morning I took my laptop to a Starbucks. I recall doing this for a good 6 months straight; at times I wondered if I would accomplish my goal. Even though I didn’t fully understand the process, nor was I always confident in my work, I kept at it. I had self-doubt, but I persisted – because in my mind I needed to accomplish the goal of writing a book.

Three years after I started writing my book, it was ready to go to the editor. Having them read what I wrote petrified me, but I was able to overcome that fear. I went through the review process and felt more and more comfortable with my writing.

Based on my experience you can get some ideas on how to start writing a book, if that is your goal. You’ll find that no matter what you are looking to do you will find people who are willing to share how they accomplished their goal.

The trick is to find those people in the first place; it’s not as hard as you might think. Talk to friends, research user groups, network, colleges and many more places. Be persistent. It’s a big sense of relief and a time saver when you find someone who’s accomplished a similar goal.

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