Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Regrets Pave a Path of Hope in 2015

Now that the New Year is here I know I’ll have some of my typical adjustments, such as remembering to write ‘2015’ instead of ‘2014’. I’m sure, in more than a few conversations, I will say; “twenty-four...” then – in the same breath correct myself and mutter; “I meant twenty-fifteen”.

2015 is here yet it’s bittersweet, 2014 has found its way out of my grasp and into the history books. 2014 also seemed to have a lot of suffering, fear and tragedy and I feel for those impacted.

For me the changing of the calendar year is a time for reflection, planning, and contemplation and yes I also have regrets. I reflect on how I could have been a better father, friend, husband, businessman and all my other roles and responsibilities. I think about all the little decisions I made on a daily basis that sum up to my year – I figure as long as my pluses are more than my minuses I’m doing ok and making steady progress

As I close out 2014 there are five focus areas I’ve been thinking about that I hope will guide me in 2015.

Core Values – I know who I am and my values, over the course of a year it can be easy to focus on quick wins that could compromise my value system, I want to keep my values in check.

Span of Control – There are lots of things in life that we can not control, this year I’d like to be better at identifying those points and accept the things I can not change and work on those I can.

Focus – It’s easy for me, like many, to get distracted and who does not like the bright shiny objects. This year I’d like to do a better job of recognizing the occasions where I’m off course and redirect back to my plan.

Confidence – It’s no secret, we all at times suffer from lack of confidence and I’m no different and while I’m good at reacting confidently there are some areas that I would like to be more confident in.

Service to Others – I volunteer and I give money to charities – this year I feel I should start to focus on helping others in a more direct manner.

With these five themes in mind I hope to enter 2015 with a running start. For those who have been part of my 2014 I want to say Thank You! Hopefully we’ll spend some time together in 2015.

I’m also very curious to get your thoughts on your year and get an understanding for what you think about at this time of year.

Comment and share your thoughts below.

Happy New Year

-John M. Hawkins

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