Monday, January 15, 2018

People Struggling Is One Reason Why I Wrote “Coached to Greatness”

Friendships are declining, the middle class is shrinking, income potential is being passed to heirs, we need to be ‘smarter’ about personal decision making.

There is always a bittersweet feeling after releasing a book. During the writing process, I take comfort in the mental escape, the familiarity of having a project I enjoy working on. I like the creativity of the pre-production process where the book takes shape and all the effort from nurturing starts to show.

While it’s comforting to work on a project, it is very satisfying to say the project is complete. I am thrilled to announce that my third book Coached to Greatness is now available.

My focus during the writing process was to create a book that could help inspire, motivate, provide ideas and give concrete examples to help those people who might be struggling.

I’ve learned so much during the process, here are some of my findings.

Finding #1 - Research Concludes that High Salaries are Passed from Parents

One interesting finding is the ability of parents to pass high salaries on to their children.
“According to a Pew Research study, 50 percent of income advantage—the ability to command a high salary—can be passed on to children (Pablo A. Mitnik, 2015).” - CTG
Thinking about this logically it makes sense - children learn by example.
“Based on a survey, 76 percent of Americans believe the Middle class is no longer the economic majority.” And given  “the middle class has been declining, which means that more and more parents of children are making less and less money. Based on statistics, future generations will earn less money” - CTG
This is important, but consider the importance of the ‘American Dream.’
“For many Americans, the middle class is what the American dream is all about. You are relatively financially comfortable, you can see how far you’ve come, and through hard work, you can aspire to accomplish more and hopefully get to an upper-class spot.” - CTG
If income advantage is passed on and we continue to see a declining middle class, statistically we will have fewer people who can earn high wages.

The result could be that we end up with two main socioeconomic classes; the haves and the have-nots.

Finding # 2 -Studies Show People Now Have Fewer Friends

With all the ways to digitally connect, this next finding surprised me.
“Studies are showing that people’s personal and friendship networks have shrunk over the last thirty-five years (Miller, 2014). It’s not becoming any easier to grow relationships. “Forging platonic relationships isn’t always easy. [Cathryn Jakobson] Ramin’s situation appears to be increasingly common: According to a meta-analysis with more than 177,000 participants, people’s personal and friendship networks have shrunk over the last 35 years” (Psychological Bulletin, 2013).” - CTG
Having fewer friends is a fact that has stuck in my brain, I enjoy people and find that I can get lonely even after a few hours without any human interaction. With so many ways to connect, why is this the case?

Finding #3 - We forget that Engagement in life and accomplishments can help

Getting stuck in 'routine,' without having good examples, can distract us and lead us to the wrong path.
“We forget our goals and our purpose, and we end up compromising and settling. Initially, the constant activity of a busy schedule can make you feel like you are accomplishing something, but the reality is that you are spinning. Days turn into weeks, and weeks turn into months, and months turn into years. Pretty soon, you will feel like you are stuck.” - CTG
We need to be engaged in life, which translates to ‘keeping busy.’

Understanding the importance of keeping busy, and the positive effect it’s had on me drove me to my thesis.

My Thesis 

“The best athletes get to the top of their sports with the help of coaches, mentors, or others. Athletes don't find greatness in a day or overnight, and neither can we. I do believe that the more strategies you have to accomplish will put you in a better position to help others who are also seeking growth.” -CTG
I thought about the guidance I have received over the years, I researched motivation, human behavior, health, fitness and came up with strategies to help readers reflect on what motivates them, rediscover and assess core values, philosophies, and competencies. Also to find settings that allow them to be the most productive; and track progress towards accomplishing goals.
The Result of my Research is covered in my book “Coached to Greatness”
“If you know you can accomplish more, but change is slow to come; if you don't wake up excited and ready to achieve; and if you don't know what to do with your life, career, or business, you need this guide to success. By keeping an open mind, tuning into your senses, and being on the lookout for motivation, opportunities, and like-minded individuals who want to do more, you'll be coached to greatness.” - CTG
There you have it, three findings that I learned from writing this book. I hope the lessons I learned from this experience can help others in their quest for Greatness.

“Coached to Greatness” is now available on Amazon and at other book retailers around the world.

John M. Hawkins is an author, coach, and leader. He is the author of two other books: Building a Strategic Plan for Your Life and Business and Affinity. He graduated with a degree in business from the University of Portland.


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